Smok Novo Comparison - Which is Best?

Hot on the heels of the impressive and popular pod system is a relx vape brand new super Novo Novo smok 2. Some vapers experiencing operational problems with Novo so smok has gone all out to address every one of them. Before we get into all the new cool features express check Smok Novo issued a quick handy comparison chart below.

What's New With The New Smok Novo?

The best new feature of Smok Novo 2 is the size of the new battery. Although there is no real change in the size of smok has managed to almost double the capacity of the battery. First 450 mAh battery that smok Novo Novo 2 has an 800 mAh super generous. This is a pretty good improvement to vape all day without charge. Smok owns claims on its website that Novo 2 can vape for 3 days after fully charged (approximately 200 puffs per day). things that are impressive for a small pod vape.

Some vapers having problems with the activation sensor so that the original draw in Novo smok has been completely redesigned it. the sensor features side intake airflow u-shaped and now stands out from the air battery contacts to avoid suction contactless. We have used Novo 2 for over a week now and have no problem to shoot so that this credit because smok to apply the fix that.

New Novo Airflow Design

Just like smok Novo Nord 2 has a small airflow slot on both sides of the mod. He pulls air in, down to the bottom of the pod before passing upwards through the coil to the funnel. Although this update attracts Smok Novo 2 still feels tight from Nord. A significant feature for those looking for a draw like smoke.

Smok In The Groove

Sometimes the pod systems have problems with condensation pods relx. To resolve this smok has created two grooves either side of the battery connector. With Novo 2, any condensation produced when vaping will be locked in the groove so that it can disappear without a problem.

New Indicator LED

One of the main complaints about the original Novo is not an indication of the battery level, so once again smok visit the drawing board. The Smok Novo 2 features a small indicator light in front of a device that shines when you vaping or charging. So now you can easily see how much you need each time you vape. glowing green light to charge 70% or more, currently between 30-70% of orange and red when it is 30% or less. A small change but one that makes a big difference.

power range

watt output at Novo smok 2 is another big change. The previous range was 10-16W watts on the original but with a range of 2 watts Novo 6W to 25W. With the increase in the charging port and the motherboard optimized structure, smok has created a combination of high performance and longer battery life. Despite this significant improvement here in we want to keep our Novo 2 green for the optimum performance level. That said performance remains excellent all the way into the red.

New Novo Coil Options

With Novo 2 You have some pods to choose from Novo Pod Family. You not only get a brand new 3 Novo Selection 2 pod, but you can also choose from a variety of original replacement Novo smoke pods. And if you want the ultimate in simplicity you can now buy smok Novo pre-filled pods, which are refilled!

Here are your new 3 smok Novo 2 pods options:

Novo 2 Mesh 1.0 Ohm Pod: A larger heating area provides durable coil and thick clouds.

Novo 2 DC 1.4 Ohm MTL pod: A dual coil design provides a smooth throat-hit and super pure flavor, perfect for MTL vaping.

Novo 2 Quartz Coil Pod: first quartz coil in the pod system, heating coil and provides super fast and intense steam.

Having dealt with all having problems with the original relx vape pods vapers Novo, smok has implemented a generous 12-month warranty on all smok Novo vapes 2 pods. So, vapers even experiencing problems with the original would jump at the chance to buy one a. And we think every Vaper has to buy one. From beginners to veterans vaping, everyone should make room for Smok Novo 2 in their collection.

New Novo Release Date

Now you can buy vape Novo 2 in our online shop. In order for you today, you will not regret it.

New Novo Price

You can buy smok Novo vape 2 in our online shop at the time of writing to $ 26.99.

new colors Novo

Novo 2 comes in a variety of striking early 7 finishes resins which you can see below. Here in the office, we have blue, looks great. The side panels are set off beautifully with a nice resin surrounding metallic blue.

Novo new and better than the original?

Yes. Better in almost every way.


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