Dynasty M 2020 Vaporizer

Another year passed by and the  relx podsbrand-new year implies the DynaVap M 2020 is right here!

I'll be the first to admit Vapehop smoke vepaciga moti vape  store

that we are big fans of the DynaVap M hands-on vaporizer right here at VapeFuse.

We've been utilizing it Eleaf istick vapehop

because 2017 and also examined the M 2018   Aegis Legend Mod and also 2019 and also actually liked them both.

I was stired to get my hands on the new DynaVap  liquid store M 2020. I have actually been checking it Wismec reuleaux vapehop

with much interest for the last couple of weeks. Let's undergo what's brand-new and also how it executes.

The DynaVap 2020 New Product Packaging

DynaVap has moved far from the traditional tinted plastic  lost vape orion dna go tubes and also presented a brand-new VapCap formed Vapehop joyetech vape

recycled cardboard package. I think it is awesome and also makes it even simpler to ship the vaporizer.

The plastic tubes were rather amazing Vape pen Vapehop

and also I still utilize them yet the brand-new bundle is definitely much more environmentally friendly.

Update to the Mouthpiece

If you use your Vape pen vapeciga DynaVap on a regular basis you'll value the brand-new mouthpiece groove. The freshly presented groove seats the o-ring completely.

On previous versions of the M, the o-ring frequently entered unfathomable after a while. It was also a bit of a difficulty obtaining it Eleaf istick vapeciga in place after drawing it apart for cleansing. This issue is addressed, the DynaVap M keeps improving as well as better.

The mouth piece is tapered to fit any kind of 10 mm glass piece.

New Chiral Airports for Calibrated Air Shot

The airport terminal has actually experienced an extremely profound adjustment in the DynaVap M 2020. DynaVap has been Wismec reuleaux vapehop

boosting the airport throughout the years as well as the M 2019 last year made it extremely highlighted and also easy to locate.


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This year the emphasis gets on allowing you to apply very precise control of the air you pull in through the flight terminal. I such as how it looks, nevertheless, I haven't felt much difference in regards to evaporating and utilizing the M 2020

New Tactile Hold of the DynaVap M 2020.

The DynaVap M 2020 comes with a brand-new tactile geometry and it looks and feels excellent. The hold has actually been evolving throughout the years, nevertheless, this may be one of the most considerable adjustment to date. The grasp is faceted as well as there are deep vertical cuts too.

New Faceted Geometry Pointer Now Including Adjust-A-Bowl

The suggestion has undergone a large adjustment also for this year's DyanVap M. One of one of the most apparent modifications is the new faceted design with air flow serrations.

The pointer of the DynaVap M maintains advancing every year. The 2018 M had a three-way helix, the M 2019 had serpentines as well as this year the idea is faceted with horizontal air movement serrations.

Having actually used the M versions a whole lot over the years, I can confirm that the vaping experience is certainly improving and also the M is becoming a more and more finetuned vaporizer.

The brand-new tip likewise comes with adjust-a-bowl capacity. Currently you can adjust the size of your herb chamber by the positioning of the screen. This function was maintained for the higher-priced DynaVap products ... that is until now, 2020.

This is really amazing, particularly if you are micro-dosing or vaping smaller sized quantities generally.

Restricted Cap

The DynaVap 2020 also obtained a VapCap upgrade. The new VapCap includes upright grooves on both sides to assist to keep the cap on firmer.


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If you had troubles before with the cap coming off on click or any kind of various other times you didn't desire it to, that must be all attended to with the brand-new layout.

Update After Making Use Of the M 2020 for over two months

I have been utilizing the DynaVap M 2020 as my major mobile vaporizer for over 2 months now. Following this amount of usage, I thought I 'd report back in this evaluation exactly how it is living up to the difficulty. To start with, I am just as much crazy with it as I was the very first time I used it. Up until now so good as they state.

The only thing that I struggled to get utilized to was the brand-new flight terminal. I frequently found myself not covering it appropriately as well as absorbing a fair amount of air with my draw. I find that the airport terminal covers a little as well broad of an area for my skinny fingers and also possibly I favor the airport on the M 2019 or my precious OmniVong. Having claimed that this is a small problem and also not a deal-breaker in anyways. Overall I still believe that the M 2020 is the most effective M ever made.

Verdict-- Should You Get the DynaVap M 2020?

The DynaVap M 2020 has actually seen several of one of the most significant updates to this preferred vaporizer. I have been suggesting the M to many individuals and with the 2020 model, I think it is even better.

This is possibly the very best time to get on your own this legendary manual vaporizer.